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Bat Surveys Ireland can be contacted at the following:-

Bat Surveys Ireland

Tait Business Centre,

Dominic Street.

Limerick City,


Telephone: +353 61 419477 | Fax: +353 61 414315 | Email:

ECOFACT Building, Limerick City


2 Thoughts

  1. We have recently discovered that we have bats in our attic and they make their way somehow into the every other room in the house.
    I have followed instructions on how to get them out of rooms and back outside the house.
    But I have also read about the “guano” and how it can cause infection. I hate the sight of them but I know they are protected so I leave them alone. However, it has reached the stage where we can’t go asleep. We are afraid they will leave feces or urine on food or on clothing. We live in an old-folks complex and we can’t afford to pay exterminators or whatever to get rid of them.
    They are quite small – about the size of a frog when they land but it is becoming very uncomfortable at night time. We cant watch tv because they come into the room and we have to try guide them out again and then there are the other things I have mentioned. Can you please advise as to what steps we can take to rid ourselves of these horrible things.
    Thank you.

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