Wind Farm Bat Surveys

ECOFACT are experts in the provision of bat surveys and bat impact assessments. Our full range of bat survey services includes building surveys for bats (inc. farm buildings), emergency and bat activity surveys, dusk and dawn bat swarming surveys, planning advice on bats, bat mitigation design, legal aspects and bat derogation licences.

Bat Conservation Ireland have produced guidelines for bat surveys at wind farm sites. We follow these guidelines where applicable, or a propose a modified site-specific methodology based on these guidelines where appropriate.

Our  bat surveys of proposed wind farm sites generally include the following methodologies:-

  • Manual Activity Surveys
  • Car based transect surveys
  • Static Detector Surveys, at ground level and at height
  • identification of potential roosts
  • Surveys of known roosts

Our survey approach and methodology at proposed wind farm sites reflects the following guidance:-

  • Hundt, L. (2012) Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines, 2nd Edition, Bat Conservation Trust
  • Natural England Technical Information Note TIN051: bats and onshore wind turbines. 2nd Edition, February 2012.
  • Eurobats Publication No. 3: Guidelines for consideration of bats in wind farm projects.
  • Bat Conservation Ireland (2012) Wind Turbine/Wind Farm Development Bat Survey Guidelines, Bat Conservation Ireland.

We are experts in assessing the ecology at proposed wind farm sites. Please contact us now if you have a requirement for a bat survey, particularly bat surveys at proposed wind energy sites.

See this link for more information on bat surveys at wind farm sites. Also see this link for more information on bats and wind farms.

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