Bat Survey Methodology

We carry out bat surveys of all bat feeding and roost habitats following recognised methodologies. We use the following recognised documents in designing our bat surveys

We also use standard national and international beast practice methodology during all the assessments we complete.

 Bat Surveys Best Practice  wind

Our survey approach and methodology at proposed wind farm sites reflects the following guidance:-

  • Hundt, L. (2012) Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines, 2nd Edition, Bat Conservation Trust
  • Natural England Technical Information Note TIN051: bats and onshore wind turbines. 2nd Edition, February 2012.
  • Eurobats Publication No. 3: Guidelines for consideration of bats in wind farm projects.
  • Bat Conservation Ireland (2012) Wind Turbine/Wind Farm Development Bat Survey Guidelines, Bat Conservation Ireland.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements you have,

Bat Surveys Ireland
Bat Surveys Ireland

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