Road Schemes

When a road scheme is devised, however large or small, it is always necessary to take into account at an early stage the potential impact it may have on bats. As part of new road schemes or road upgrading schemes, we undertake bat habitats surveys, desk studies and activity surveys; both as transects and as static monitoring surveys. Our staff are highly experienced with devising of the fixed and walking transects, which are often an essential component of gathering data in order to make accurate baseline assessments of bat activity levels and species present,

Bat Surveys Ireland (1)

We undertake surveys and guidance from the following documents:

  • National Roads Authority (2006) Guidelines for the Treatment of Bats During the Construction of National Road Schemes.
  • National Roads Authority (2006) Best Practice Guidelines for the Conservation of Bats in the Planning of National Road Schemes.

We provide the necessary opportunities to determine the potential impact of roads on bats and bat habitats during the Constraints Study, Route Selection Report (RSR) and the Ecology Section of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The findings arising from the assessment of each stage assists the final design of the road scheme. In addition, we provide important advisory service during road construction and monitoring requirements.

Bat Survey Ireland (28)

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