We design detailed compensation measures and bat mitigation plans. We work with method statements designed to protect bats and their habitats, including works implementing derogation licence requirements. We also carry out installation of bat boxes on bridges, trees, buildings and various other structures.

Bat Surveys Ireland
Bat Surveys Ireland

As it is sometimes necessary to exclude bats from a roost, we also offer this service. Exclusions may be a temporary, allowing essential building works to be carried out, or permanent, for other reasons such as bridge structural safety.

Bat Survey (5)

We have extensive experience is designing mitigation for bats and bat habitats at proposed wind farm sites.

ECOFACT have successfully dealt with numerous bat roosts under licence from the NPWS.  We have also designed landscaping and artificial roosts for a number of bat species, including Lesser Horseshoe Bats. Moreover we have provided bat mitigation for large linear construction projects such as roads, and also projects such as pipelines and rail projects (i.e. Western rail corridor).

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